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The Letter

Shhhhhh!!     —     Top Secret!!     —     Shhhhhh!!


To:       Parents/Primary Caregivers of Coming of Age Youth

From:   DLRE and Coming of Age Facilitators


One of the exercises your youth will be participating in involves exploring their beginnings.  We need your help with this.  Please provide the following in a sealed envelope:

·        Your child’s name written somewhere on the outside of the envelope.

·        A photograph of your child as an infant or at the time she/he became a member of your family.  If possible, please send a photo without others in the picture.

·        A letter to your child which begins:

Dear ________________,

This is a story about your beginning that I/we want to be sure you know…

[The letter can go on to include where, when, who, what, and how.  It can also include emotions, preparations, hopes, dreams, or whatever else seems important.]

People who have gone through this Coming of Age program in the past have reported that receiving these letters was one of the most powerful and affirming experiences of their lives.

Please keep this letter a secret from your youth.  Give the envelope with your letter and the photo to one of the Coming of Age facilitators or to the Director of Religious Education. 

We will not open your envelope.  It will stay sealed until we give it to your child at the retreat (so be sure to write your child’s name on the outside of the envelope).  Getting this letter from you is vital to the weekend retreat.

Thank you for your help.  And remember, Shhhhhhh!!