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May 2016 Report

The Community Beacon Fund (CBF) provides funding for local community projects to address human needs. Projects funded by a CBF grant are those which live out our commitment to consciousness-raising and social justice. Projects approved promote Unitarian Universalism and UUI values and ideals, and serve to advance our vision as a ‘beacon’ in the community. **In order to qualify for a CBF grant, per the guidelines, projects require the direct involvement of several active UUI Members and Friends.

Current members of Special Funds Committee: Maria Madar, Carla Koertge Cote, Jack Brennan, Matt Bassett & Peter Langowski.  As of May 2016, Carla stepped down, replaced by Bob Lipford.

Recent Project Recipients of a CBF Grant:

May 2016, $810 ($405 x 2)  was granted to UUI Racial Justice Task Force, in response to the group Black Lives of UU (BLUU), asking congregations to support people of color in attending UUA General Assembly (GA) this year. Specific racial justice programming will be an important component of this year’s GA. The grant paid full admission fees for two people of color to attend GA summer 2016, in response to this call to action. Grant recipients will present information learned to the congregation in a service by the end of 2016.

March 2016, $999 was granted so that UUI could become a church member with The Indianapolis Congregation Action Network (IndyCAN).  IndyCAN develops people of faith at the grassroots level into leaders who can achieve power for positive change. Leaders connect community organizations with civic and political front runners. The mission is to build relationships, identify common concerns, seek solutions and take action to improve the quality of life and expand opportunities for all of Indianapolis’ families — especially the most vulnerable.

December 2015, grant money of $600 provided holiday gifts in the form of clothing and grocery gift cards for seven (7) sponsored families from the Tindley Preparatory Academy in Indianapolis.

October 2015, $500 was granted to Religious Education programming to fund a Neighborhood Halloween party. The monies provided a luncheon and game prizes for UUI and Butler Tarkington neighborhood residents.

September 2014, A $999 grant was provided to send a team of ten (10) UUI volunteers to participate in The Million Meal Marathon in November 2014. The grant also covered the cost of 4,000 meals, benefitting food insecure people in our community and abroad.

*Past projects supported by the Community Beacon Fund include; the Mid-North Shepherd Center, UUI Social Justice Committee “Giving Tree,” V-Day International, Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy Alliance and  the three (3) Little Free Libraries located on our campus grounds.

Does your group or project qualify for a Beacon Fund Grant? Click here for our Beacon Fund Application.