Credo Forum

First Sunday of each month at 9am in the Cottage Library.  All are welcome.

The word “Credo” in Latin literally means “I believe.”  The Credo Forum asks the question, “What do you believe, and why do you believe it?”  Or more generally, “What are your beliefs?”  This forum asks some of the most profound questions, such as “Does the Universe have a purpose?”  An answer may elude us, but it is the discussion that is interesting along with our experiences, opinions, and views.  We have grappled with questions like, “Are we alone in the Universe?” and “What are the theological implications of a yes or no answer?”

Closer to home, Credo Forum tackles questions for Unitarian Universalists (UUs) such as the use of words that are generally recognized as “religious,” and what they mean in the UU context.  Examples are sanctuary, reverend, prayer, and other words generally used among religious people. We have talked about ethics and morality as well as the very religious word “sin” and what do they mean for people of the UU faith.

Recent topics have included – reasons for being a UU, what is consciousness, black lives matter and white privilege, and the future of liberal religion.  Occasionally we have a guest speaker presenting a topic of general interest in social justice, the environment, public policy, etc.

Credo Forum is a completely open and free form discussion group.  It is not an organized “around the room” sharing session.  Everyone has an opportunity to speak, and we try to avoid having one person dominate the conversation.  We typically have fifteen to twenty people present for each meeting.

Watch for details in the UUI weekly newsletter.  If you are not presently getting the newsletter, you may sign up by returning to this home page ( and then clicking on Publications. 

Lowell McCoskey – – 317-626-2967

Credo Forum is open to all, and meets the first Sunday of each month at 9am in the Cottage Library. For more information, please contact Lowell McCoskey at lowellmccoskey (at)