Upcoming Events

We have a lot going on here at UUI!  Some of our upcoming events are listed below.  To see what else is happening, check out our Building Community page or visit us on facebook.

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Many thanks!

Many thanks to the twelve people who spread 24 cubic yards of mulch in just an hour and 15 minutes on Saturday, August 5.  Several families from the School for Community Learning and folks from UUI did the work in record time.  Bob Lipford, our resident playground consultant, led the project and made sure we did the job properly so the kids have a safe place to play.  Great team work, everyone!

Solar Panel Project

In an effort to fulfill our Paris Pledge commitment and reduce our carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 and by 100% by 2050, we need to install significantly more solar panels.  The board of UUI has given the go ahead to educate the congregation and to ask for pledges toward paying for the solar panels.  The total price of the project will be $75,000.  At this time we have $50,000 pledged.  So we need to collect pledges of $25,000 more to fully fund the project.  Panels will cost about $600 each.

Individuals or groups can donate any amount — it all adds up.  If you (or your group) sponsor an entire panel ($600) you can even name it!  Pledge forms are available in the Social Hall, or you can click here to view/print the form.  Please leave pledge forms in the black mailbox outside the Cottage and Mara, our Office Administrator, will collect them.  See the eBlast or visit our website for more information:  http://www.uui.org/the-environment/

We Need You for Our UUI Family Tree!

Add your family leaf to our UUI Family Tree!  Whether you are a one-person family or a ten-person family, we want you on our tree!  Pick up a leaf from Carla Koertge on Sunday in the Social Hall and write your family name(s) on it -- then add it to the tree on our UUI Family Center bulletin board!  If everyone participates, we should end up with a beautiful rainbow-colored tree!

Central Indiana UU Fall Retreat

UUIers are invited to join All Souls and other central Indiana UU congregations for the UU Fall Retreat “Creating Connections,” October 20, 21, 22 at Lutheran Hills Camp in Brown County.  Click here for more information.  Questions:  email Karen Downing at downing (at) indy.rr.com

Big Questions Forum

The BQF resumes August 20 at 9am in the Cottage Library.  We will discuss the monthly theme of "Home and Belonging."  What makes UUI (or other places) a home for us?  What does it mean to belong?  What makes us feel welcome or unwelcome, like we do or don't belong?  Come discuss with your UU friends in a format that encourages sharing, listening, and conversation.

UUI Photo Group

The next UUI Photo Group will meet in the Cottage Library on Monday, August 21, at 7pm.  The topic is “Contrast”.  As usual, interpret that any way you wish!  Bring them on a thumb drive (which has just a few pictures on it) or as 8”X 10” or so prints.  Future topic: September 18 is “Power”

All are welcome.  For information contact Wendy Dougherty at wdougherty8 (at) gmail.com.

August Dinner for 8

The next Dinner for 8 will be on Saturday, August 26.  If you would like to join the next pitch-in dinner at the home of a UUI host, please contact Holly Hendrickson at hollymhendrickson3 (at) gmail.com or see her at church on Sunday morning to sign up.  We can only take 7 this time!

Pub Theology – Wednesday, August 30

Pub Theology returns!  We'll explore in more depth August's theme of Home and Belonging, looking at different places we make our homes and what it means to belong, in both a literal and a spiritual sense.  We'll also look at how these ideas play out in Unitarian Universalism.  Who do we invite into our community?  Who do we exclude, consciously or unconsciously?  Join us from 7-9pm at Bent Rail Brewery, 5301 Winthrop Ave.  We provide the discussion questions, Bent Rail provides food and beverages for purchase, and you provide the conversation.

UU Art Salon

The next all UU Art Salon will be hosted on Sunday, September 24, from 5 to 7pm at the home of Walter Biskupski.  As always, bring a snack or finger food to share.  Everyone welcome - artist and art lovers alike.  For the address and to RSVP, please contact Walter at biskupski (at) sbcglobal.net.

Writers’ Circle

The Writers Circle will have its next meeting on Sunday, September 24.  We will gather after post-service refreshments and meet in the Cottage Library at noon.  If you wish, bring something you've written, or something you've read that you would like to share.  All ages invited!  For further information, email Walter Biskupski at biskupski (at) sbcglobal.net.

Energy Audits

A Message About Energy Audits from UUI Green Team Chair, Ray Wilson:

A number of people from UUI have let me know that they have completed their energy audits.  All were positive experiences.  If you have not yet signed up for a home energy audit, please do it in the next few weeks.  Remember that UUI gets $25 for each audit completed.  The next step we need to take is for everyone to commit to inviting at least two others to do the same - your neighbors, your family, coworkers, etc.  We have signup cards available in the Social Hall.  Maybe someone will be clever and bold enough to hand them out at the market or walk the neighborhood.  Last time this opportunity happened a lady on the bus made $2,000 for her church, and her pastor didn't even know she was doing it.  How can we get our children involved?

Let's do it.  It is a win-win-win-win - home owners get free light bulbs, lower electric bills, less CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere, UUI gets $25.

Share-the-Plate Nominations

The Social Justice & Outreach Committee is accepting nominations for the Share-the-Plate Program through July 9 for the upcoming fiscal year.  Each month, half of the weekly collection plate at UUI (except designated pledges) is donated to a local charitable organization or cause that aligns with our community's values and concerns.  There are several ways to nominate an organization.  Look for the display in the Social Hall, e-mail Stacy Robinson at sr_robinson521 (at) yahoo.com, or complete the online survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3PFRGG7.

Indy Folk Series

Announcing the Indy Folk Series 2017/2018 Season:

09/30/17: New Augusta Bluegrass Band
10/28/17: The Half Step Sisters
11/25/17: Open Mic Night to benefit Exodus Refugee Immigration
12/16/17: Tim Grimm & Krista Detor
01/20/18: Moors and McCumber
02/17/18: Edie Carey
03/10/18: Ben Bedford
04/21/18: Annie & Rod Capps
05/12/18: Bill Staines

For more information, please visit www.indyfolkseries.org

Food Pantry

The Boulevard Food Pantry, which UUI supports with food donations, is always in need of these items:
16 ounce jars of peanut butter
5 ounce cans of tuna and chicken
Sauces to go with tuna and chicken
Cereals, any kind
Soups, any kind
Canned fruit
If you have questions, email Jeannette Rowe at jeannetterowe25 (at) gmail.com

Beginner's Meditation Group

"What makes a fire burn is space between the logs, a breathing space." - Judy Brown, "Fire"

Come find some breathing space with us so your fire doesn't burn out. Join Gloria Moya on Sunday mornings before the service, from 9:45 to 10:15a in the Cottage Chalice Room. Childcare is available in the Nursery in the first floor of the RE Building beginning at 9:30am.  Send an email to re (at) uui.org for more information.

UUI Tutoring Program Needs You!

The UUI tutoring program at IPS School #43 has a track record of success spanning almost two decades, and it's time for you to take part.  The tutoring program will start right after Labor Day.  Several tutors have already agreed to join the UUI Tutoring Team but we could use many more.  How about YOU?

The school’s new principal, Mr. Posey, is vitally interested and actively involved in the tutoring effort at the school.  Plans for this year include two levels of help needed:

First level: the usual one-on-one tutoring in math and/or reading with one or more students at the grade level of your choice;

Second level: Volunteer coordinator in each classroom to help make sure everything runs smoothly for the tutors, students and teachers.

Choose one or both levels.  Tutors interested in improving their reading tutoring skills can participate in a Guided Reading Session conducted by a reading specialist at the school.

For details about this year's tutoring program, and to get on the UUI Tutoring Team, contact Don Somers at donbanjo (at) sbcglobal.net.