Upcoming Events

We have a lot going on here at UUI!  Some of our upcoming events are listed below.  To see what else is happening, check out our Building Community page or visit us on facebook.

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Help UUI Meet Our Budget!

This week you should receive in the mail, if you have not already, a letter and pledge information from the Stewardship Committee.  Please help us plan for the next fiscal year.  We need regular, predictable income from YOU—our members, friends, and visitors—to make things happen here at UUI.

Questions?  Need a letter or pledge form?  Ask Holly Hendrickson, Larry Miller, Paul Schneider, or Jon Warner.

Correction:  Rally for Transit

After 12 weeks of reaching out to more than 40,000 Indianapolis residents, IndyCAN’s Ticket to Opportunity campaign ended in a decisive victory on Election Day for the transit referendum.  Members of UUI made hundreds of phone calls in support of this effort. 

But the story is not yet complete.  Next, the City-County Council must vote to fully fund the transit plan.  Save the date and plan to rally transit to the finish line, as the Council takes its final vote Monday, February 27.  We’ll gather at City Market at 6:30pm, then head over to Council Chamber at 7pm in the City-County Building.

Our passionate action is on track to triple access to jobs in marginalized communities.  Let's make sure the council carries out the will of the people and implements the transit tax at the full level!

Green Team Meeting

Several UUI member and friends have expressed interest in becoming involved in our Environmental Sustainability Committee -- also known as the Green Team.  Please join us at our next meeting, Monday, February 28, at 7pm in the Cottage Library.

We have many things that need our attention.  We have advocacy work like defeating Senate Bill 309 that would kill net metering for solar panels in Indiana.  We have detective work to find where we can save some electrons (and dollars) in our buildings.  We have sharing and education about how to be more successful in saving the planet.  We have caring for our grounds -- which can be fun and community building.  And then there is the big alley clean up that is planned for April.  So there is much to do.  Please join our team.  If you have questions, contact Ray Wilson at rwwilson@iquest.net or 317-408-7418.

Community Art Day

As part of the March 12 Second Sunday program, Local artists Sofiya Inger and Paula Scott-Frantz will lead us in dyeing silk and making puppets and scenery.  Afterward, participants will perform a play -- written by Paula Scott-Frantz -- using the puppets and scenery they created.  All ages are welcome.  The event begins at 12:30pm and is open to the community.

 Writers’ Circle

The Writers Circle will have its next meeting Sunday, March 19.  We will gather after post-service refreshments and meet in the cottage conference room.  If you wish, bring something you've written or something you've read that you would like to share.  All ages invited.  For further information, email Walter Biskupski at biskupski@sbcglobal.net.

Calling All Artists

On Sunday, April 23, the Fine Arts Committee will be putting up the all-church Arty Bash art show.  The theme for Arty Bash -- UUI's annual talent show, which is April 29 -- is “Let It Be a Dance.”  The artwork could follow the theme, but it isn’t a requirement.  All techniques and media are welcome.

Ladies’ Noon Out

The women of UUI and their friends are invited to meet for lunch on Thursday, March 2, at noon at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  Parking is free but there is a charge if you wish to stay and view the exhibits.  One of the current featured exhibits is Orchids.  For more information contact Susan Beauchamp at beauartnow (at) yahoo.com.

March Book Discussion

Christ for Unitarian Universalists, a Dialogue with Traditional Christianity by Reverend Scotty McLennan.

If you are not a Christian UU please don’t let the title keep you away.  The author is a Unitarian Universalist minister and has served as Chaplain at Stanford and Tufts Universities.  He believes that we UUs need, if we can, to find dialogue and common ground with the mainstream Christians that all of us know, love and respect.  Some parts of the book will cause you to strongly disagree, others may cause you to think, both are good for Unitarian Universalists.

Discussion about the book is planned for Sunday, March 12, at 12:30pm in the Cottage Library, after the service and lunch, as a part of the March Second Sunday Program.  To register, or ask questions about the book or the discussion, please contact Larry Miller at boxbay (at) aol.com or at 317-255-4084 or speak to him at church on Sunday morning.  Larry will have a limited number of copies of the book to distribute to those who would like to read it and participate in the discussion.

Art Day on March’s Second Sunday

As part of our March Second Sunday Program:  “Golden Scales and Silver Wings” – a creative afternoon of sharing hopes and dreams with artists Sofiya Inger and Paula Scott- Frantz.  Come “play” with us!  Paint on silk, create puppets, props, and scenery and be part of a play. All ages welcome!

Save the Date!

The 2017 Arty Bash will take place on Saturday, April 29, 2017, from 6:30 to 9pm.  The theme this year is “Let It Be a Dance”!  As usual there will be artwork, entertainment, audience participation, intermission refreshments, socializing, LOTS of fun, AND … it’s ALL free!  Artwork for the Arty Bash will go up on Sunday, April 23, after the service.  Art from UUI members may follow the dance theme, but it isn’t a requirement.

Food Pantry

The Boulevard Food Pantry, which UUI supports with food donations, is always in need of these items:
16 ounce jars of peanut butter
5 ounce cans of tuna and chicken
Sauces to go with tuna and chicken
Cereals, any kind
Soups, any kind
Canned fruit
If you have questions, email Jeannette Rowe at jeannetterowe25 (at) gmail.com

Beginner's Meditation Group

"What makes a fire burn is space between the logs, a breathing space." - Judy Brown, "Fire"

Come find some breathing space with us so your fire doesn't burn out. Join Gloria Moya on Sunday mornings before the service, from 9:45 to 10:15a in the Cottage Chalice Room. Childcare is available in the Nursery in the first floor of the RE Building beginning at 9:30am.  Send an email to re (at) uui.org for more information.

UUI Tutoring Program Needs You!

The UUI tutoring program at IPS School #43 has a track record of success spanning almost two decades, and it's time for you to take part.  The tutoring program will start right after Labor Day.  Several tutors have already agreed to join the UUI Tutoring Team but we could use many more.  How about YOU?

The school’s new principal, Mr. Posey, is vitally interested and actively involved in the tutoring effort at the school.  Plans for this year include two levels of help needed:

First level: the usual one-on-one tutoring in math and/or reading with one or more students at the grade level of your choice;

Second level: Volunteer coordinator in each classroom to help make sure everything runs smoothly for the tutors, students and teachers.

Choose one or both levels.  Tutors interested in improving their reading tutoring skills can participate in a Guided Reading Session conducted by a reading specialist at the school.

For details about this year's tutoring program, and to get on the UUI Tutoring Team, contact Don Somers at donbanjo (at) sbcglobal.net.