Social Justice

Unitarian Universalism has a very strong social gospel coming from both its christian and its humanist traditions that teaches that our primary energies should be directed not to the question of an afterlife, but to building the kingdom of heaven here on earth in this life. Sometimes we echo the language of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and say we are called to “build the beloved community.” Historically, Unitarians and Universalists have been pioneers in progressive social movements, including public education, abolition, civil rights, women’s rights, assistance for the poor, assistance for the mentally ill, environmental issues and more.

Consistent with our Unitarian Universalist heritage, we at UUI have long supported and been actively involved in helping to ensure that all people are valued and treated with dignity and respect in our society regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, family status, national origin, ethnicity, religious beliefs, or socioeconomic status, among others. We have been at the forefront of fighting discrimination and unfair treatment wherever it is found as well as fighting laws and policies that threaten our health, civil liberties, and the environment.

UUI currently lives out its vision in the following ways:

  • We collect food for the local food pantry
  • We have a group that tutors refugee children every Tuesday
  • We have a strong relationship with a local public school providing free tutoring
  • We have annual neighborhood cleanup days
  • We provide a community garden
  • We do a Christmas drive every year for families in need
  • Our youth volunteer with Habitat for Humanity for one week every summer
  • Our youth work with a local soup kitchen regularly
  • We share half of every collection plate with a charity of the month
  • We march in the Indy Pride parade every year
  • We provide meals and space to the Indiana Youth Group
  • We are a designated Welcoming Congregation (meaning we celebrate the presence of LGBT persons)
  • We are a designated Green Sanctuary and recently received a grant to install solar panels and provide education on sustainability throughout the community

We always welcome people to add their energy and vision to our social justice efforts. For more information please contact the church office at 317-283-4760 or office (at)