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Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis church of the warm heart, open mind, and helping hands Fri, 18 Jul 2014 01:53:27 +0000 en-US hourly 1 church of the warm heart, open mind, and helping hands Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis no church of the warm heart, open mind, and helping hands Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis UUI Book Group Meets July 20 Fri, 18 Jul 2014 01:47:07 +0000 read the rest...]]> The UUI Book Group meets the third Sunday of each month at noon in the Cottage Library. Books are chosen that will engage participants’ minds and hearts and we hope discussions will be both personal and thought-provoking.

The book selection for July 20 is Caucasia by Danzy Senna.

For more information or to request child care, please email

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UUI Family Overnight Fri, 18 Jul 2014 01:41:24 +0000 read the rest...]]>

If you are a part of the UUI Family (members, friends, returning visitors, with or without children, partnered or single), you are invited to the UUI Family overnight.

Bring your sleeping bags and creative energy to join us for the first ever UUI Family Overnight! It’s a great way to get to know other UUI families while having fun and spending quality time with your family. Plus, it will give you an opportunity to create art for the Family Art Display at UUI during the month of August.

You’ll have a chance to create art, play games, and try new things such as…. making upcycled art, playing with your food, creating thumprint and body art, throwing tennis balls covered in paint at a canvas and much more!

We’d love to have everyone attend the entire event, but please feel free to arrive and leave at whatever time works best for you and your family. RSVP’s appreciated by no later than Thursday, 7/24 for planning purposes.

  • 2-2:30 – Registration
  • 2:30 – Welcome & Covenant
  • 3 – CON Band #1
  • 3:30 pm – 1st Workshop Sessions
  • 4 pm- 2nd Workshop Sessions
  • 4:30 pm – CON Band #2
  • 5 – 3rd Worshop Sessions
  • 5:30 – 4th Workshop Sessions
  • 6 pm – Dinner and Free Time
  • 7 pm – CON Band #3
  • 7:30 pm – Coffee House (aka Talent Show)
  • 8:30 pm – Family Worship
  • 9 pm – Super Secret Surprise! 
  • 11 pm – Lights Out in Family Sleeping Area
  • 12 am – Lights Out in Youth Sleeping Area
  • 8:30-9:30 am, Sunday, 7/27 – Breakfast
  • 9:30-10 am – Closing Ceremony

Special Notes:

  • A quiet area will be provided during the entire event for families with earlier bedtimes or in need of down time for little ones. 
  • UUI Youth in grades 6th-12th grade (the grade they are going into in the 2014-2015 school year) are allowed to attend without a parent provided they have a signed parental permission slip. They will be allowed to stay up until midnight (with adult supervision) in a separate area of the church. Normally at CONS youth are allowed to stay up all night, but we have changed this to midnight since the youth will be volunteering at Soups On soup kitchen the next day and we want to be sure they are rested before their community service project.
  • We ask that at least one parent remains with children who are under the age of 4 years old during all workshops and activities.
  • Please bring a snack to share (no peanuts)
  • Tents are optional – We’ll have inside sleeping areas
  • If you play a portable instrument, please bring it!
  • Other items to bring: bug spray, sun screen, clothes for getting messy, toiletries, and pajamas

 This event will give you and your family a sampling of a traditional UU Youth Cons (Conferences) – which are community-building youth events that take place on weekends at various UU congregations.

Have questions about UUI Family Overnight? Contact UUI Family Overnight Planning Committee at
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When I Was a Mylar Balloon Tue, 15 Jul 2014 17:36:44 +0000 read the rest...]]> When I Was a Mylar Balloon
by Judy Archer

The phone rang around 8:30 Thursday morning (6/26/14). I was in pajamas, drinking coffee, reading the paper. It was Jamie Hinson-Rieger, our Worship Leader at UUI. The ban on same-sex marriages had been lifted, and he and his wife, Susanne, were putting together a Rapid Response Wedding Team and they needed two witness to be at UUI from 11:00 until 3:30 that day for any same-sex, drive-by weddings that might take place. Would Ed and I be available?

Oh! Oh yes! Yes and yes and yes! I’m a straight, white, old lady without many chances to show support for things I care about. This was a chance. I would surely be available. I would be there with bells on.

And it nearly came to that. I immediately turned my mind to the most important issue…what would I wear? Something dignified but not stodgy, colorful but not garish, dressy but comfortable, feminine but not girly-girly…I was beside myself. Nail polish or no? Definitely wash my hair. I stopped to take a breath, my adrenaline slowed down, and I was blessed with the insight that as a straight, white, old lady witness, who would care what I wore? But inside I felt like a Mylar balloon, all important and shining and bouncing around.

I was so eager to get going on this, I arrived at the church way ahead of the minister. After she arrived, we chatted for a while, she  began working on her sermon for next Sunday, I went into the kitchen and puttered, straightening up, putting away dishes, eating leftover tortilla chips.

Then someone came to the church door. I galloped across the Social Hall to let the happy couple in. I was about to witness history being made! But it wasn’t a couple to be married, it was a woman whom I didn’t recognize with her baby boy and a huge armload of flowers that she had rescued from being put in the dumpster at Kroger; just someone who had read that we were open for weddings and thought we might need flowers. Thank you, thank you for showing your support and thank you for the flowers.

While Ed and I were in the kitchen creating beautiful bouquets, someone else came to our door. This time it was a neighbor, a Butler student with her viola, to provide music. She stayed most of the day, her music providing a beautiful dimension to the anticipation that was building.

As I was placing flowers around the front of the church, I heard a series of clicks behind me. It was a reporter from The Star to cover UUI’s contribution to marriage equality. We talked a bit, he asked me to spell my name, and I felt myself becoming giddy. This thing was getting big!

A photographer came by with her camera to provide photographs of the happy day for the newly weds. A short time later, a woman who had heard about us gifted us with grocery bags of decorative candles and bridal jewelry, tiaras and necklaces. This nearly brought me to tears. All these people just showing up, contributing to the joy of the day any way they could, searching their minds and imaginations for creative ways to show their support. The atmosphere glowed.

There was nothing more we could do to prepare for weddings. Ed raided the church freezer and brought us big bowls of sherbet for lunch. I knitted. The minister wrote. I passed around tortilla chips. Time passed. The violist was quitting smoking and her sinuses were acting up so she said call me if you need me and went home. The minister had a meeting at 4:00, so she had to leave. We all drifted away. I was still a Mylar balloon, but like the morning after, when it has lost a little helium and bobs around at half mast.

UUI had spent the day all dressed up with nowhere to go. But something beautiful had happened. We had opened our doors and our hearts to a cause that is right. People had been given an opportunity to show they cared. Normal daily routine had been replaced by a small jewel of precious experience. And there was always tomorrow.

And there was tomorrow. On Friday a couple came to be married. They lived in one of the counties where there was nowhere for same-sex couples to marry. They were married at UUI that evening. Within a few hours the lifting of the ban was stayed, and same-sex marriages again became unlawful. During that brief window of opportunity, 500 marriage licenses were issued. That represents 1000 people. Those who did marry now live in uncertainty with regard to marriage recognition. Some people will oppose gay marriage for all time. But UUI did the right thing.

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Rally for Resolution Announcement Thu, 10 Jul 2014 15:46:40 +0000 read the rest...]]> On Monday, July 14 at 5pm, our city-county council leaders are announcing a proposed resolution calling on IPL to plan to stop burning coal in Indy by 2020. The announcement will be made on the steps of the Old City Hall at 202 N. Alabama Street in Indianapolis. There will be a celebration following the announcement at Tomlinson Tap around 6pm at 222 E. Market Street in Indianapolis.

The UUI Green Team is asking that as many UUI’ers as possible attend this event. Click here to RSVP.  Click here to read more about IPL’s Coal Ash Problem.

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Home Truths, a play by Jay Harvey Tue, 08 Jul 2014 04:01:26 +0000 read the rest...]]> Scene: From total darkness, a blinding flash of light (with thunderclap) reveals upstage center a man. Clutching a sheaf of papers, he’s dressed casually but conservatively in today’s garb, standing astonished in the middle of a cozy living room in 1950s American style, blandly and comfortably appointed. Downstage on either side, angled, are a couch on which a middle-aged woman sits, knitting or reading a magazine, and on the other side, an easy chair, in which her husband reclines, smoking a pipe and casually reading a newspaper.

Man (awkwardly): I know this sounds presumptuous, but I was really hoping to see God. That’s why I’m here.

Mr. G.: You’re speaking to us, son. We’re God. Welcome home!

Thus begins Home Truths, Jay Harvey’s funny, thoughtful, at times poignant exploration of what happens when an ordinary guy takes it upon himself to get some answers straight from the source. For this non-traditional summer service, a reading of the play will take the place of the sermon, featuring the fabulous UUI players: Jay Harvey, John Cote, and Cindy Wilson.

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The Iowa Sisterhood Tue, 08 Jul 2014 03:58:31 +0000 read the rest...]]> The history of our religion is full of famous female pioneers–women like Susan B. Anthony, Lucy Stone, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Margaret Fuller, and Julia Ward Howe. In this service we’ll look at a less-well known example of female leadership in our history. From 1875 on, 21 Unitarian women, lay and ordained, formed The Iowa Sisterhood and began founding and leading churches throughout the Midwest, doing hard and dangerous outreach that most of their male Eastern counterparts did not want to do. We’ll look at how they worked, what they accomplished, and what inspired them. We’ll also look at how women have shaped the face of UU ministry today.

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Our Jigsaw Puzzle Faith Tue, 08 Jul 2014 03:55:59 +0000 read the rest...]]> Unitarian Universalism is an intentionally pluralistic faith with congregation members holding a variety of religious beliefs drawn from many different sources. Given such diversity how is it possible to assemble these different pieces into a coherent whole, into a functioning and respectful religious community? David Jackoway will share with us principles for engaging our commitment to pluralism.

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President’s Message–July Mon, 07 Jul 2014 19:42:20 +0000 read the rest...]]> It’s been a great year at UUI. We finalized and voted on our new Constancy of Purpose, the mission, vision, and values we are working toward as a community. Every week we welcomed visitors, and provided religious education and community building for the many children and youth in our RE program. Sunday services were inspirational and soul-satisfying under Jamie Hinson-Rieger’s leadership. The art on the walls and the special music, including choir performances, helped deepen our worship experiences. Our solar panels are making electricity as we speak, and our energy efficiencies have kept our bills low. Project Libertas School and Indiana Suzuki Academy have kept the campus active during the week as they worked with their students and families. Our finances are in good shape, and our outreach has lead to new cooperation among local UUs. And this is to name just a few of our accomplishments!

So now we can just kick back and relax, right? No way! The summer is a wonderful time to come to church, participate, socialize, learn, and get inspired. I hope you and your family will continue to attend Sunday services—Jamie and the Worship Team are still on the job, and the RE program is definitely NOT on vacation. Join a Dinner for 8—one of the impromptu potluck dinners designed for people to connect and make new friends. The dates for this summer will be July 12 and August 16. The Sunday afternoon movie group is still meeting. The Young Adult group is scheduling activities. Watch for announcements in the Eye and Eblast. Your Board of Trustees will attend a retreat in August and discuss goals for the coming year. Please share your ideas and concerns with us. This is your church! We are here to serve you.

Stay cool, and enjoy your church family.

–Holly Hendrickson, President

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July UUEye Mon, 07 Jul 2014 19:38:16 +0000 read the rest...]]> To view the July UUEye Monthly Newsletter, please click here.

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Why Do We Pause? Lessons in Patience From a Family in Botswana Sat, 05 Jul 2014 03:20:37 +0000

Special music by Don Somers.

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