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Volunteer to Take Them a Meal


Sharon Lipford

When members of our congregation face challenging circumstances, whether it be an illness, loss of a loved one, or even a new baby, our principles call for us to show caring and compassion for one another. At UUI, we arrange for meals to be made and delivered to the homes of church members who find themselves in such circumstances.

We need volunteers who are willing to make a meal for a fellow congregant in their time of need. To volunteer, please contact the Caring Team. You will receive notices when a need arises with a link to review the delivery schedule, any dietary restrictions the individual or family has, as well as instructions on how to deliver the meal you provide.

If you ever find yourself in need, please do not hesitate to contact Pastor Stephen at minister(at)uui.org or the Caring Team caring(at)uui.org to arrange for meals to be delivered to you.

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