Sunday, June 30, 10:30am:
"Was Jesus a Unitarian? (Sermon Title Auction Winner)" by Jamie Hinson-Rieger

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This year's winner of the fall auction for sermon title of one's choice has chosen. Unitarian Universalism claims Christianity as one of the sources that inspires our living tradition. Larry Miller has asked, if Jesus were to return today, to what extent would he see his teachings, his message, or the example of his life reflected in UU religious principles and practices? Where would there be differences? Special music by Andrea Groner.

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"How I'm Spending My Summer Vacation," by Jamie Hinson-Rieger: Our Director of Ministry will be serving a clinical pastoral education internship at IU West in Avon this summer during the day, Mon-Fri, from June 3 to August 17. This is one of the requirements for receiving ministerial fellowship with the UUA. During this time he will be half-time at UUI (covered by accrued vacation and professional development hours) and will not have scheduled office hours. Evening and weekend office visits and pastoral calls are available by appointment. Please email or call the office at 317-283-4760.

Caring Team Call For Volunteers

The UUI Caring Team currently needs two more volunteers. Maybe this is you? The team works with the Director of Ministry to support our UUI community by sending out sympathy and celebration cards, updating the "Take Them a Meal" website when there is a need for home meal delivery, and occasionally recruiting drivers for short term transportation needs to get people to doctors appointments and the like. There are no committee meetings to attend and the volunteer commitment is light and flexible. Please email if you are interested in volunteering. It's a great way to help build a caring community here at UUI.  


Building the Beloved Community
from our Board President, David Jackoway

Unitarian Universalist identity is shaped in large part by the stories we tell about ourselves. African Americans have had a significant role in our faith since the beginnings of Unitarianism and Universalism, and frequently attempts by black leaders to play a more prominent role in our movement were blocked. But the history of black UUs has not been told. At the MidAmerica Regional Assembly last weekend we were reminded we need to learn the complete story of our history and of the mistakes that were made in the past.

The Rev. Dr. Mark Morrison-Reed has been at the forefront of correcting the narrative of African American involvement in Unitarian Universalism. A good place to start is by reading his article in the Fall 2017 issue of the UU World entitled “The black hole in the white UU psyche.” He has published several books on this topic including Black Pioneers in a White Denomination, Darkening the Doorways: Black Trailblazers and Missed Opportunities in Unitarian Universalism, and Revisiting the Empowerment Controversy: Black Power and Unitarian Universalism, all of which are available at the UUA Bookstore or at Amazon.

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