Here for You!

Hello UUI Families!  

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  

This week I realized how much I take for granted that our three daughters, Claudia who is almost 21 and Jordan and Sam who are both 17 are not only at an age when they can drive themselves places and get themselves ready in the morning, but also have the ability to do so.

Before that realization I was remembering when they were little. Those were precious days but what a challenge it could be trying to get everyone out the door to be somewhere at a specific time. Last minute tantrums, finding we had forgotten to pick up something for breakfast at the grocery store the day before, no clean socks, the list could go on and on! And if everyone had to look presentable, well, we might just opt to stay home.

And that led me to think about all the beautiful families we have at UUI, many of whom have small children and some of whom may have special needs.

Part of my job as Director of Lifespan Religious Education is to support families. If there is anything you can think of that I can do to help you, please let's discuss it. Is there a support group we can form? Do you need an ear or a hand with something?

What I can offer you now, is reassurance that it's ok if you're not at church right at 10:30am when the service starts. If you are late, you are not the only one! Also, you may have noticed, we're not really a dress up type of congregation, so if hair isn't brushed or socks don't match, no one is going to notice or care!

In my office I always have granola bars and bottles of water, so if you're running late and can't manage breakfast on a Sunday morning (or if one of your crew refuses breakfast at home and then decides they are hungry the minute you leave the house!), don't even hesitate to let me know. I also keep non-perishable food in my office in case families are running low before a payday, a change of clothing in various sizes and diapers and wipes. All requests for assistance will be kept strictly confidential. 

I am super excited about everything happening at UUI this Sunday--the service, the religious education classes and the December Second Sunday Program

I hope your family can join us! It's going to be a great day!    

Peace and Love,

Susanne Hinson-Rieger,

Director of Lifespan Religious Education