RE at UUI on February 15, 2015

Hello, Wonderful UUI Families!

Our new spring semester is in full swing which means the k-4th graders are now in class together and the 5th graders have moved up to join the 6-8th graders.

The* preschoolers* will be celebrating Valentine's Day by making love beads and reading a sweet story as part of their Chalice Children curriculum with teacher Judy Pleiss.

The k-4th graders will use reason as their guide while they categorize items in class during their "We Love to Discover" lesson with teachers Paul Schneider and Susan Cassada.

The Jr. High students will be continuing to explore Families with teachers Tandy Arnold and Jack Brennan by creating a family tree and planning a special photography event.

The Sr. High students will be exploring how "Race is something we create" during their Be the Change program with teachers Tim Murphy and Ray Wilson.

We hope to see you this Sunday!

With kindness, Stacy Robinson UUI Religious Education Assistant

P.S. Here's a great article with 10 ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with kids: My favorite suggestion is to tell your children you love them!

RE Highlights for Sunday, February 8

March 1: Mandatory Habitat Meeting for parents of youth planning to attend (12:30 pm) and 7th-9th grade OWL (5-8 pm at Oaklandon) March 8: 7th-9th grade OWL (5-8pm at UUI)

April 12: 7th-9th grade OWL (5-8pm at Oaklandon) April 19: 7th-9th grade OWL (5-8pm at UUI) April 24-25: 7th-9th grade OWL closing overnight

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