RE at UUI on Sunday, Feb. 22, 2015 - Stone Soup Service & Natalie's Farewell

Hello, Wonderful UUI Families!

This Sunday we'll be holding my favorite Multi-generational Service of the year - the Stone Soup service!

This is an annual tradition at UUI and is truly designed for people of all ages to enjoy. This year it will include an interactive service with various community-building and meditation stations, a story about the importance of everyone pitching in what they can to create a community, and a pitch-in meal after the service with the proceeds benefiting the Boulevard Place Food Pantry.

We'll also be saying a fond farewell to UUI's long-time Director of Religious Education - Natalie Spriggs-Trobridge as she has bravely decided to become a UU minister.

Here is list of the worship stations that will be included in tomorrow's service:

  1. Photo booth: Take silly pictures with someone you don't know very well!

  2. Scrabble Word Cross

  3. Book Collage Art

  4. Community Sand Mandala

  5. Community Altar: Place something that you create or brought from home on the altar.

  6. People Garland: Create a representation of yourself and add it to our community "people garland".

  7. Create glass chalices for each table.

  8. Give a charm, take a charm: create a charm and leave it, take a charm already made

  9. Joys and sorrows

  10. Wash away conflict

  11. Get to know you Jenga with questions

  12. Sand Meditation

  13. Meditation Station

  14. Giving Basket for Boulevard Place Food Pantry

  15. Question Station

  16. Word Haiku or build haikus with others

  17. Candy meditation

  18. Play dough: Envision what community looks like and feels like to you. Using play dough, create that image

  19. Hula Hoop lift

  20. Children's table

Following the service everyone is invited to enjoy soup, salad, and dessert. You can participate in the lunch by bringing a dessert if your last name begins with A-L, or by bringing a salad or fruit if you name begins with M-Z. And, cleanup is easier with many helpers, so if you can assist afterward, please contact Betsy Voigt at

You definitely won't want to miss this week's service!

With kindness, Stacy Robinson UUI Religious Education Assistant

P.S. If you'd like to contribute a personal item to the Community Altar, please bring an item from home that has special meaning for you.