Sunday, March 15th RE at UUI

The nursery will be open from 10 am - noon with childcare provided by Betsy and Emma.

The* preschoolers* will be learning about taking care of others by helping their "sick" teddy bears feel better with band-aids and little blankets they'll create as part of their Chalice Children curriculum with teachers Heliene Houdek and Judy Pleiss. (Please bring a teddy bear from home!)

The k-4th graders will discover how to turn blemishes into beauty in their own lives by creating their own treasurer chests during their "We Are Loved, Flaws and All" lesson with teachers Paul Schneider and Susan Cassada.

The Jr. High students will be continuing to explore Families with teachers Tandy Arnold and Jack Brennan by using their own family portraits. (Please bring a family portrait to examine!)

The Sr. High students will be discussing "How To Tell People They Sound Racist" after they watch a few videos during their Be the Change project lesson with teachers Ray Wilson and Lisa Warner.

Holly Hendrickson is scheduled as the RE Associate this week and can help answer any questions you might have.

We hope to see you this Sunday!

With kindness, Stacy Robinson Religious Education Assistant Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis (UUI) Cell: 317-385-9674 "Office" Hours: 10 hrs/wk - M evening, Th evening, Sat, &/or Sun

P.S. Volunteers - adults and youth - are needed to make next Sunday's Soup Kitchen service project a success! Please email me if you're able to attend.

  • Upcoming Events: Dates to Save *

    March 15: RE Council Meeting at 9 am, *Mandatory Habitat Meeting for parents of youth planning to attend (12:30 pm)*, and 7th-9th grade OWL (5-8 pm at UUI) March 22: Soups On - Soup Kitchen Service Trip for Jr. and Sr. High Youth from 10-2 pm at Roberts Park UMC.

April 12: 7th-9th grade OWL (5-8pm at Oaklandon) April 19: 7th-9th grade OWL (5-8pm at UUI) April 24-25: 7th-9th grade OWL closing overnight April 25: Arty Bash April 24-26: Bridging CON at All Souls in Indianapolis

May 1: Habitat Fundraiser - Rummage Pre-Sale for Members/Friends May 2: Habitat Fundraiser: Rummage Sale - Open to all May 10: Bridging Ceremony during service for UUI youth graduating from High School May 15-17: Junior High CON at First U in Cincinnati, OH

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - Aesop