More Harry Potter Fun This Sunday!

We had a great time playing Quidditch in Religious Education Classes last week and we have more fun and learning planned for our RE students this week!   


Betsy and Leslie will be caring for our littlest UU's. Nursery is open 10am to noon and is located in the Religious Education Building.

Preschool Class

Teacher Susie DeLoach will be helping the children learn about magic words with a game and snacks. 

Kindergarten - 4th Grade Class

Teachers Peter Langowski and Cheri Moore will be helping students learn about our Fifth Principle, we believe that all persons should have a vote about the things that concern them, through Harry Potter film clips, games and activities. 

5th Grade - 12th Grade Class

Teachers Lisa Warner and Ray Wilson will be leading the students through a lesson on energy conservation that includes a game and Harry Potter readings. There will also be a guest speaker, Mary Sue McAlister, from Soup's On Soup Kitchen to talk to our youth about the importance of the work they will be doing at the soup kitchen on Sunday, August 9. 

We hope your family can join us!