What's Important

If you've never taught a Unitarian Universalist Religious Education class, pretty much the only way of knowing what goes on in an RE class is what your children tell you in the car on the way home when you ask them.

I know this from experience, having raised three daughters in the UUI RE program! I remember a time when our two youngest daughters, Sam and Jordan, were in around 3rd grade and it seemed like for weeks when we would ask them, "What did you learn in RE class today?" the only response we would get was "We learned about Mohammed." Um, ok? It wasn't as informative an answer as I would have liked!

What they weren't telling us is that they were in a classroom with teachers who were teaching them a way of being in the world that upholds our Seven Principles, and they were learning in a loving, inclusive, accepting environment with supportive friends. There was no shame or guilt or fear involved--just love.

They didn't know they were benefiting from amazing curriculum that was written by religious educators with years of experience in teaching Unitarian Universalism. They didn't tell us that because to them, that's just how it is in RE. It's a fun, loving, accepting place to be.

This week as I was preparing lessons for Sunday classes, I have to say I got a little choked up about the fact that even in the class for our youngest students, our preschoolers, we teach them that everyone is important, that they are important.

I hope you can join us this week. We start our fall semester and have great things planned! This is the week children and youth can begin to bond with their classmates and teachers, when we can start again on the lessons that are so important.

Also, this is Sundae Sunday, so there will be ice cream for all children and youth!

As always, if you have concerns, joys or sorrows to share, I am here for you. I can be reached at re@uui.org, my cell phone number is 317-418-1679 and I'm at church almost every Sunday.

See you on Sunday!

Peace and Love,

Susanne Hinson-Rieger,

Director of Lifespan Religious Education