Is It Sunday, Yet?!

As adults, we often find when we come to church on a regular basis that we build connections and community. And through this community we can find a deeper sense of meaning and purpose and have a place of comfort and support when we need it. 
It's no different for our children and youth. We work to create a safe space for them to discover who they are. Starting in preschool, our kids begin bonding with some of the people they will grow up with, who will share their joys and sorrows, who will support them when they are having tough times at home or at school. These are people they are very likely to have life-long friendships with. 

I know coming to church on Sunday mornings is sometimes hard! Families have so many things pulling at their time and energy. But I encourage you to join us on Sunday mornings as often as possible! Your family's participation will enrich the experience for everyone, allowing stronger connections to be made as our children and youth learn and grow up together. Being here when you can allows us to teach the really unique, important lessons that a UU religious education program has to offer. 

My goal is to have our students say, "Is it Sunday yet?!" To that end, I more than welcome any feedback you are willing to share about Sunday classes and the overall program. If there is something that would improve the time your child or youth spends at church, I definitely want to hear about it! If something is really working for you and your family, please let me know that as well. 

See you on Sunday!

Peace and Love,

Susanne Hinson-Rieger,

Director of Lifespan Religious Education