This Sunday in RE

Dear Beautiful UUI Families,

Did you know we have an RE Council for Children and Youth? We do! The mission statement under which we operate is:

Our mission is to help our children grow into adults who are confident, happy, kind, brave, compassionate, peaceful, spiritually resilient, joyful, loving, accepting and justice-minded, who are critical thinkers, who embrace anti-racism/anti-oppression practices, who are comfortable in their body and with their sexuality, conversant in other religious traditions and have a strong Unitarian Universalist identity.

We reach these goals by providing a safe and loving church home and building a strong community, providing exceptional Sunday programming, special programming such as Our Whole Lives Lifespan Sexuality Curricula, Coming of Age Program, Youth Group, Habitat for Humanity Youth Trip, etc. We support families in their life journey, provide full-week faith opportunities, and teach children and youth how to do church.

One of the things we aim for as the children grow is that they become self-directed in their Sunday gatherings. In Preschool, their volunteers are teachers. In their middle school Coming of Age Program, they are provided with mentors to help them discern their current beliefs. Our goal is that by the time children become senior high youth, teachers have become advisors that help facilitate the ideas of the youth.

We start empowering the children when they are little, in small, age-appropriate ways.

This Sunday for our Preschool, K-2 and 3-5 classes, we will be learning about the 5th UU Principle, "We believe all persons should have a vote about the things that concern them."

In each class, children will be given the opportunity to vote on which story the class reads, which game they play, which activity they engage in. It's going to be a lot of fun!

In our 6th - 8th Grade Class, for our Neighboring Faiths program we will continue learning about Judaism. We will be watching a video, learning about the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. We will be making Resolution Sticks and eating apples and honey.

For our 9th - 12th graders, this week many of our youth are attending a youth CON in Kentucky. Youth who attend church are invited to attend the service or volunteer in the RE Program. Check in at the RE Table in the Social Hall if you would like to help out!

I'm looking forward to seeing you!

Peace and Love,

Susanne Hinson-Rieger
Director of Lifespan Religious Education