This Sunday in RE

Dear Beautiful UUI Families,

Today is going to be such a wonderful day at UUI!

  • Jamie's sermon is a challenging look at one era of our Unitarian and Universalist past and why our first principle (the inherent worth and dignity of each person) is so important.

  • Our Preschool class will be reading "The Colors of Us" by Karen Katz and doing a multi-cultural family art project.

  • Our K-5th graders will be doing a Spirit Jam with the 6th UU Principle, "We believe in working for a fair, peaceful, and free world", as the theme. The Spirit Jams we do are workshop-style and child-directed learning so kids can choose which workshops they are interested in doing. This morning they can choose from making dog toys for shelter animals, decorating lunch bags for Meals on Wheels and creating rocks with positive messages for the Kindness Rocks project. Or they can do all three!

  • Our Junior High Youth will be learning about how many different religions deal with the concept of evil. They will also be learning about and making Hamsa symbols, which is an ancient symbol used by many different religions and cultures.

  • Our Senior High Class will be exploring compassion and talking about mirror neurons. They will also be decorating their new mailboxes, making pizzas for lunch, brainstorming sermon ideas to pitch to Jamie, talking about a youth-led service and meeting with Jamie to discuss their ideas.

  • It's Second Sunday which means lunch will be provided for everyone immediately after the service. There will be homemade soups and sandwiches, courtesy of the lovely and talented, Janet Cohen. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options are, as always, available! Activities for all ages happen right after lunch starting at 12:15. Kids and adults can make Valentine's Day crafts. Jamie and I will both be leading workshops (Click here to check out the details!) and child care will be provided for our littlest UU's.

  • 5pm - 8pm we're having OWL (Our Whole Lives) for our 7th - 9th Graders in the Cottage.

I'm looking forward to seeing you!

Peace and Love,

Susanne Hinson-Rieger
Director of Lifespan Religious Education