This Sunday in RE

Dear Awesome UUI Families,

We have a wonderful day planned for your family today at UUI!

Some highlights are:

  • Our preschoolers - junior high youth will be immersed in and learning through the magical world of Harry Potter.

  • Our Owlettes (Preschoolers) will be learning with Judy Pleiss and Peter Langowski about our 7th UU Principle, (care of the Earth and all living things) by reading a short, adapted Harry Potter story about caring for our pets with love and then making an owl craft with feathers.

  • Our Kindergarten - 5th Graders will be attending Potions Class where they will have lots of options. Children can choose which activities they would like to participate in. Justin Cain, Pam Risley, Caleb Short and Tim Thomas will be helping the children make the Draught of Peace (also known as Oobleck) and Polyjuice Potion (also known as glitter slime). Kids can also watch how to use a magic spell (and a microwave) to make a magical soap that grows, help the Professors mix up Powdered Basilisk Skin (powdered sugar) and Horn of Bicorn (baking soda) and then watch as the professors light it on fire with Dragon Drool (rubbing alcohol) so that the snake skin will reappear from the powdered form!

  • Our junior high youth will be creating and serving Diagon Alley snacks (acid pops and magic wand treats) with Thiana Galicia for all our Hogwarts students.

  • Our Senior High Youth will be staying in the service tomorrow to hear the sermon.

  • Director of Ministry, Jamie Hinson-Rieger, will be delivering the sermon, "Is Jesus a Unitarian?" The topic of this sermon was chosen by UUI member, Larry Miller, who was the winner of the "choose the sermon title of one's choice" auction item from this year's UUI Fall Auction. Unitarian Universalism claims Christianity as one of the sources that inspires our living tradition. Larry Miller has asked, if Jesus were to return today, to what extent would he see his teachings, his message, or the example of his life reflected in UU religious principles and practices? Where would there be differences?

I hope your family can join us!

Peace and Love,

Susanne Hinson-Rieger

Director of Lifespan Religious Education

POPs Camping Trip

Our Parents of Preschoolers Group is going camping July 12-14 in Brown County. For more information and to reserve a spot, contact Chalice Startling at

Peace Camp Volunteers Needed!!

Peace Camp is fast approaching and we need counselors and volunteers!

We have spots available for 7th - 12th graders (or homeschool/unschool equivalent) to be junior counselors and counselors!

Click here to sign up!

Click here to sign up to volunteer. We are volunteer friendly and we will work around your schedule!

For more information, contact Susanne at or 317-418-1679.

Jedi Academy/Peace Camp

That each and every person is important, that all people should be treated fairly and kindly and that we should work for a peaceful, fair and free world--these are just some of the lessons our Padawan, or Jedi apprentices, will be learning on our beautiful campus during their week at Jedi Academy.

We'll be learning through games, art, maker space, music and more!


Camp is for kids 4 years old - 6th grade or homeschool/unschool equivalent as of May, 2019.

Camp Dates:

Monday, July 15 - Friday, July 19

Click here to register and for more details!