This Sunday in RE

Dear Beautiful UUI Families,

At UUI we practice collaborative ministry and a couple of weeks ago, Jamie and I had our annual UUI Ministry Retreat. At this retreat, we do all the usual things one does at a UU retreat--we light a chalice, check in, we covenant, we write on giant pieces of paper, we brainstorm, we eat, we take nature walks, we share spiritual practices, and we take a break from daily life to focus. We met in our beautiful Sanctuary and focused on everyone in our congregation, our beloved UUI community, what's going on in our country, and how this and so many other stressors are affecting our families, our adults, our children and youth. We dreamed big and made plans for the church year that begins in September and ends in May, 2020. I'm so excited about the coming months and can't wait to share details with you all!

Tomorrow morning our preschoolers will be doing some fun summer activities outside while our older children will be playing Quidditch (a game from the Harry Potter books) on broomsticks. Everyone will have a chance to make a magical snack! Our junior high youth will be helping out with the younger children and I'll have a special treat for them. Our senior high youth will be staying in the service to hear the sermon on toxic masculinity by one of their youth advisers, Dr. Anita Saunders.

Hope you can join us!

Peace and Love,

Susanne Hinson-Rieger
Director of Lifespan Religious Education

Mark Your Calendars!

Labor Day
September 1

We will be learning about labor movement heroes such as Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez.

Water Communion Service
September 8

Our community gathers together again after the summer! Bring water from your favorite fishing hole, your travels, your kitchen tap. We will mix everyone's water together as a symbol of our homecoming and in celebration of the start of our new church year. This water is important! It will be saved and used for church rituals throughout the coming year!

September Second Sunday
September 8

Join us for a shared meal and meaningful fun for all ages! Lunch (vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options available) is provided immediately following the Service. Stay tuned for more details!

Sundae Sunday
September 15
Each year on the first day of Religious Exploration for Children and Youth we have Sundae Sunday! Did you know the first ice cream sundae was invented by a Unitarian Universalist minister? It's true! So we're not just having a delicious snack, we're learning UU history! Please note, we will have dairy-free options available for our vegan and lactose-intolerant friends.

Blessing of the Backpacks
September 22

Children, youth and educators are all invited to bring their backpacks, tote bags, handbags, and briefcases to church for our annual Blessing of the Backpacks! Each person will receive a keychain/backpack charm to hang on their backpack to remind them that our community supports them in their lifelong search for truth and meaning, no matter where they are.

Children's Chapel
September 29

On this day during Religious Exploration we will be having a special Children's Chapel, led by our Director of Ministry, Jamie Hinson-Rieger, who will be leaving the service that day with the children. A guest speaker will be delivering the sermon to the adults.