30 Days of Love

What are the 30 Days of Love? The Unitarian Universalist Association through its Standing on the Side of Love campaign has declared the 30(ish) days between MLK Day and Valentine's Day each year to be the 30 Days of Love. This idea reimagines Valentine's Day as a day when we bring our love into the world as a demand for justice.

Our understanding of love has deep roots in our Unitarian Universalist history. Our Unitarian ancestors saw Jesus as a model for the highest expression of love possible to the human spirit. This love expressed itself as forgiveness and compassion, but also as an insistent demand that justice be done here on earth. Jesus not only healed people and welcomed the despised to his table, but also overturned the money tables in the temple and challenged the power of the Roman empire. In our tradition, love is a powerful transformative force that works for justice.

Our Universalist ancestors, who believed in universal salvation, saw love as God drawing people irresistibly home to wholeness and reconciliation. Love, in this tradition, is a vision of the world in which no one is left behind, in which all are accepted and valued, in which our relationships to one another bend but do not break. Love is an acknowledgment of our deep interdependence, a statement of solidarity. Love heals wounds, reconciles enemies, and restores communities.

Our 20th century humanist movement challenged us to see ourselves as the vehicle by which love enters the world. We are the hands of love, cradling the defenseless, lifting up the afflicted, tearing down walls and opening the gates of prisons. We are the voice of love speaking up for the oppressed and the despised, calling out the abuses of the powerful or stirring up the spirits of the complacent. If love is to have a real presence in the world, this tradition says, let it be through us.  

Unitarian Universalism is a young religion that is still growing and evolving. It has ever been so with us. We believe there is always new truth and better ways of being to be discovered. Today our covenant as a religious people is grounded in our seven principles and seeks to channel the best energies of our traditions, our centuries-long commitment to love and justice.

This year the 30 Days of Love are focused on racial justice. Check out the 30 Days of Love website and Facebook page for videos and links containing educational materials and ideas about how you can get involved. We'll be updating you on this campaign each Sunday in church between now and Valentine's Day.

See you on Sunday!