Faith in Indiana Wins Big Victory in Fighting Gun Violence, and a Personal Note of Gratitude

From the Directory of Ministry: Faith in Indiana Wins Big Victory in Fighting Gun Violence, and a Personal Note of Gratitude

Mayor Joe Hogsett thanked Faith in Indiana by name in his State of the City address for their leadership (which means your leadership) on the issue of gun violence. The Mayor pledged to provide $100,00 in funding to a Gun Violence Intervention program that Faith in Indiana has been advocating for since 2012. This program has cut gun violence by 40% or more in cities like Oakland, Boston, Cincinnati, and South Bend.

You can read more about Oakland's program here: Oakland’s Successful Gun Violence Reduction Strategy

As Director of Ministry, I would like to say a personal thank you to the many people at UUI who have volunteered with Faith in Indiana since UUI first began our partnership with them in 2014. It took a lot of sustained, committed work to get us to this moment. You have showed up time and time again to advocate for UU values of justice and inclusion and to hold up a vision that proclaims the inherent worth and dignity of each person in every neighborhood of Indianapolis. 

Most recently, in April, you sat across the table from the Mayor and his Public Safety Team, along with 20+ other Faith in Indiana activists, to advocate for full funding of the Gun Violence Intervention Program. That the Mayor funded the program, and then thanked Faith in Indiana by name, speaks to the depth of the relationship you have nurtured with the city, and the power you have built up to be a force for justice. 

There is much more work to be done and all are invited to join in. Look for future notes in the eblast for opportunities to get involved with Faith in Indiana. For now, however, let us be grateful for all those who have helped this congregation so visibly and powerfully live out its values. Let us commit to hold fast to our determination that all parts of our city be places of peace, safety, and prosperity. And let us wish wholeness and healing for all those lives impacted by gun violence. These are not just idle words and impossible dreams. Faith in Indiana has shown that with all of us working together, a better future for our city is possible.