Where We Are in Six Months

Recently a group of UUI members discussed where they would like the church to be six months from now. This was at the end of a morning of processing painful memories from our church’s past. This conversation was powerful and inspirational for me. I'd like to share with you my vision for our church six months from now.  As your president I have an important role in discerning and carrying out our collective vision, and I want you to know where I see us in the near future. 

I see UUI with Jamie in the pulpit, me in the presidency, and a new full-time religious educator joining the leadership team. Our Board of Trustees and committees would be populated with fresh faces as well as valued long-timers, and they all would be actively strengthening our UUI community. The church year would be starting with lots of children and youth, a full contingent of passionate and prepared teachers, and a full slate of offerings for learners and seekers of all ages. Congregants would feel supported, inspired, and encouraged in their life journeys.

Our finances would be healthy, our facilities attractive and well-maintained, and our commitment to environmental sustainability evident. In the greater Indianapolis community, we would be partners with other UUs in a multitude of projects, especially in the social justice area. We would feel confident and proud of our contribution to the liberal religious community, and be welcoming to anyone seeking our type of UU community and worship.   

So what do you see in six months?? Does any of this resonate with you? Feedback, please! 

Join us in membership! Make a commitment to our community by signing the Membership Book even if you aren’t sure or can’t contribute much financially. Your signing is a vote of confidence that UUI is on to something that is important to you. Together we can make this vision come true! 


See you in church! 


Holly Hendrickson