The Search Begins!

UUI’s Director of Religious Education, Natalie Spriggs-Trobridge is leaving to pursue a career in the ministry, and we are beginning the search for a new DRE.

The search committee has been formed and will begin the recruitment process. The committee consists of Peter Langowski, Sarah Montminy, Betsy Voigt, and me.

The UUI Board has asked us to find a full-time Lifespan Religious Educator to lead our children and youth RE program as well as organize and lead adult RE. The Board is fully committed to RE at UUI and feels that a full time Director is a good investment in our “free and responsible search for truth and meaning” as well as the growth of our church community.  This is a big financial commitment, but RE is one of our core values, and the entire Board is behind this decision.

As the search committee defines the qualities we are looking for in our new DRE, we are open to suggestions. Please contact me at with your thoughts. 

The final hiring decision will be made by the Board. We hope to have a new DRE by summer!

--Holly Hendrickson