Year-End Review of Board Action Charters for 2014-2015

Since the fall of 2014, UUI’s Board of Trustees has focused on four Action Charters which were created after the August 2014 retreat. Substantial progress has been made on all four Action Charters.

FACILITIES: UUI’s physical plant is looking and working considerably better. A new roof, HVAC system, ceiling, lighting, and stove have been installed in the main building. The Sanctuary and Social Hall have been freshly painted. The Social Hall has been re-organized, with a new seating area and a fresh, uncluttered look. The spaces used by Project Libertas are being cleaned more often to reflect the heavier use by the school. The parking lots were resurfaced and some debris was removed from the grounds. Video equipment has been installed to facilitate multimedia presentations in the Sanctuary and to allow video and audio recording  and possibly streaming of our services.

            TO DO: banner project, outdoor/parking lot lighting, Sanctuary flooring.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: An automated electric defibrillator was installed in the Social Hall for use in the event of cardiac arrest. Ushers and Worship associates have received training in various emergencies and have reviewed UUI’s safety features and needs.

            TO DO: extend training to RE teachers, staff, and others this fall.

CENTRAL IN UU COMMUNITY ACTION: UUI members and staff have collaborated with other area UUs in numerous community-wide initiatives—Festival of Faiths, HULT-I leadership training, IndyCan, Call banks, Winter Solstice celebration, Citywide Junior High OWL, and Indy Pride parade and booth.  A Healing Circle was held to allow members and staff a chance to process the events of 2012 leading up to the departure of Rev. Sinclair. Several informational meetings were held with leaders from Sacred Path to explore ongoing relationships.

            TO DO: plan future events, explore Citywide Coming of Age program.

ENDOWMENT/BEACON FUND ISSUES: a proposal for deciding when to use endowment earnings and how much to use in a given year was created.

            TO DO: revise and adopt this proposal. Review and revise the possible uses of endowment earnings. Decide if Beacon Funds could be held in a more productive way. Increase awareness and use of the Beacon Fund.

Other accomplishments of the Board this fiscal year include transitions in the duties and roles of Treasurer with the Office Administrator doing accounts payable, and a new treasurer on board for FY 2016.

Our RE program has managed the transition from a half time DRE to a 10 hour/week coordinator, and now has a new Lifespan DRE starting in July.

Our website was hacked and has been reconstructed. Electronic communications have expanded.

The Young Adult group has developed and we see more involvement.

Vibrant, relevant, and meaningful worship remains the focal point of our congregational life, and Jamie’s contract has been extended for three years.

Music and the arts continue to thrive.

Our Membership has expanded slightly and we have more pledging units. A more vigorous outreach to visitors and returning visitors that seems to be bearing fruit.

Our budget is balanced and we met our pledging goals for FY 2016.

The relationship with our major tenant, Project Libertas, has grown and they are committing to a long term home at UUI. We are exploring more collaboration as we learn more about each other.

            I am deeply grateful all the hard work, financial contributions, volunteer hours, and positive energy each and every one of you have offered to our church home. I feel we are going strong, and am excited about the coming year.

See you in church!