Looking for A Sign….

Signs seem to be a theme at the moment at UUI.  There are a lot of them lately, and I think that is significant.  Signs show us the way.  They point out what is important.  They help us name things and to know their purposes.  They help us become familiar with a place and to feel at home.

Everywhere I look, I see literal and figurative signs of our thriving community and the wonderful things going on.  Have you noticed the “Memorial Garden” and the “Labyrinth” signs letting newcomers and regulars alike know what these special places are on our grounds?  Now everyone will be able to enjoy these spaces and to understand their purposes.

I noticed the new low-flow toilets in the Cottage restrooms.  Yes, these are also signs! They demonstrate UUI’s commitment to sustainability and the dedication of the volunteers who installed them.

Have you seen the bee hive on the west fence line?  Visible from many of the Sanctuary windows, it reminds me of the School for Community Learning which fills our buildings and grounds with creative energy during the week.  The students installed the hive as a sign of their commitment to pollinators and to learning about our natural world.  Their classrooms in the RE building and Commons are full of other signs of the learning and community building occurring there.

I am also struck by the crowd of young children streaming out of our Sanctuary under the Rainbow canopy every Sunday on their way to RE classes.  This too is a sign—UUI is growing!  Our commitment to the children and youth continues to attract young families and we are truly energized by their numbers.

What signs have you seen?  I would love to hear what you have noticed.  Come join us at church!