The first weeks of our new President’s administration have been a whirlwind.  Many of us are feeling afraid, confused, and uncertain about the future.  It is hard to get on with our daily lives as we listen to the latest news and worry how it will affect us and those we love.  We’re anxious and want to respond in a meaningful way.

Here is where a religious community in general, and our church, UUI, in particular, come in.  The way I see it, we need now more than ever a place where we can ask the big questions; a place where we can articulate and examine our values; a place where we can find companions in being accountable to our highest selves.  UUI is this place.  Worship on Sunday mornings brings us into each other’s presence.  We sing, we hug, we listen, we learn.  We reconnect with each other and to the core of our beings.  We pause and ask ourselves, how do I go forward this coming week? Am I faithfully living my core values?

We are anxious to learn, to understand, and to be transformed.  Through book discussion groups, Chalice Circles, the choir, Knitters group, Credo Forum, and many other opportunities, we can bring our whole selves and open up to new ideas and ways of being.  Pub Theology and Big Questions Forum, Parents of Preschoolers, Our Whole Lives classes, and every Sunday school class offer us ways to identify what is important, and to gain strength for living a life of love and service.  We find our personal paths and share the ups and downs in a community of learners and seekers.

Real life and real injustices are all around, and our religious community provides ways to serve directly.  We can also harness our efforts to those of others to have more impact.  We can come together to advocate policy changes, and to create webs that build powerful voices.  We can use these communities based in moral values to reframe the conversation and to push for culture shifts.  We can be cheered by the knowledge that together, we can make change.  Look at all the passionate people at UUI marching, writing letters, standing vigil, tutoring, organizing…. 

Finally, our religious community is there to support us in our journeys — when we are demoralized, scared, hopeless, hurt.  We minister to each other, listen to the hard stuff, wipe the tears, mourn the losses, and celebrate the successes.  In our community, we find the strength we need to keep on.  Come join us!  We need each other!  We need you!