Board of Trustees Year End Report - 07/01/2016-06/30/2017

I am pleased to report many successes and accomplishments this year at UUI.

The Board’s 1st Action Item was to look at positioning UUI for future success. Factors that make us an attractive congregation include:

Vibrant Sunday services under Jamie’s superb, inspiring leadership: Jamie’s sermons are being recorded and can be found on the web. Excellent music and art add depth to the experience. Every week we attract new visitors and many of them return, commenting on the quality of the service and the friendliness of the congregation. The Second Sundays continue to mature and offer learning and fellowship for all ages. The RE program under Susanne’s leadership continues to attract young families.

A growing membership:  In August 2016 we had 214 members and friends, and we now have 225. Our Returning Visitors have grown from 69 to 85. Our RE program now includes 120 registered children and youth.

Financial stability: We have met our pledge goal again this year. We are finishing the year on track with a small surplus. The School for Community Learning continues to provide rental income that helps us maintain our campus.

Improvement in our facilities and grounds: Our sexton been a major asset in maintaining our campus. We were able to save significant sums on lawn care through more environmentally friendly practices. Several garden areas have been improved over the past year, and the Sanctuary carpet has survived the year unstained!

Increased participation in Central Indy UU activities, and in Regional and National UUA programming. We rely heavily on the UUA for RE, governance, and social justice resources. We have continued to grow in our UU identity through Jamie’s sermons, and our RE programming. We have slowly increased our financial contribution to the UUA common fund.

In Action Item #2 we addressed Membership and Leadership. Our process for developing members from our visitors has matured, and we are seeing growth in numbers and in commitment. Three members are going to Midwest Leadership school this summer, and new faces are participating in General Assembly and Regional Assembly. We see new faces on the Board and in committee meetings. Young Adults group, Pub Theology, Second Sundays, and various social groups are deepening connections between congregants and the church. Our Social Justice work has led to the Resistance Circle, more Black Lives Matter vigils, the Beloved Conversation program, environmental activism, and support of IndyCan, among other things. These efforts help us live our values but also provide meaningful ways for congregants to connect and work together.

In Action Item #3 communication between the church, the congregation, and the public was evaluated. We plan to hire an assistant to make sure our online communication is up to date and high quality. We have been using the monitors in the Social Hall and Cottage for meetings and presentations. Work has progressed on improving document management for the church.

Those of us on the Board feel honored to have done this work for the church this year. We are deeply grateful for all the volunteers and staff who have contributed to the year’s success. UUI can look forward to another great year to come.


Submitted by Holly Hendrickson