Church Publications

The eBlast is a newsletter that is published weekly and features time-sensitive church events and news.  The submission deadline is Sunday by midnight to announcements (at)

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The Sunday Bulletin is distributed weekly with the Sunday order of service and features time-sensitive church events and news. The submission deadline is Sunday by midnight to announcements (at)

Community Connections is an opt-in newsletter published the first and third Fridays of each month. By sharing life stories; good and bad, happy and sad, with our church family, we are better able to support one other and bond in community. The submission deadline is Sunday at midnight prior to the Friday publication to uuicommunity (at) If you would like to be added to our group list, send your name, email and phone number to


Guidelines:  Announcements for Publications

Do you have an announcement you would like to include in our eBlast or Bulletin?  Please review the guidelines below:

  • Announcements are for events or projects pertaining to UUI, UU, or events or projects sponsored by a group (committee, etc.) of UUI.

  • Send all announcements to announcements (at) Our communications team will review the announcement, edit as necessary, and forward to the correct publications.

  • Announcements should be in “short blurb” format. Preferably under 100 words, not to exceed 150. Short blurbs can include links to longer documents, websites (including ours), pictures, flyers, etc.

  • Announcements for the eBlast can be run for two consecutive weeks; up to four with urgent need.

  • Announcements for the Sunday Bulletin can be run for one – two consecutive weeks as space allows. Space priority in Sunday Bulletin given to new and time-critical announcements.

  • Announcements with a sign-up deadline may run consecutive weeks to generate sign-ups, and then be run again the two weeks prior to the event as a reminder for the event. It is the responsibility of the person submitting the articles to submit the reminder announcement.

  • Deadline for eBlast and Sunday Bulletin is Sunday by Midnight.

  • Community Connections: Announcements of a personal nature can be included in our Community Connections Newsletter. These announcements should also be sent to uuicommunity (at) The deadline for submissions is Sunday by Midnight prior to publication date (Published 1st and 3rd Fridays as needed).