Let Your Recycling Help our Religious Education Program!

Published on Sep 3rd, 2012
Our RE program is in need of the following items for the children/youth to work with in upcoming classes:
Fleece: clean unused fleece material pieces of cloth (any color/pattern) at least  24 inch square (can be bigger!)for a project that the 2nd-5th grade class is doing.  We will take your scrap fleece material (again at least 24″ x 24″) or new scraps from a fabric store.  If you are willing to donate, please contact Natalie at RE@UUI.org so she knows how much is coming in. We will take donations this Sunday, 4/14 and next Sunday 4/21.
Jars: jars with lids, plastic or glass, around the size of spice jars or baby food jars.  If you have clean jars, with lids, of this size, please bring to UUI and drop them off at the RE Welcome table in the Social Hall in the box labeled “Tin Cans & Jars”.  We will collect these jars the now through the beginning of summer..
Cans: recycled, clean, tin cans (you know the ones that used to have veggies, beans, tomatoes, etc. in them)…of ALL sizes.  In the summer, we are doing a project and need a lot of tin cans to do it.  Please bring your tin cans to the RE welcome table and drop them off in the box labeled “tin cans”.  We will be collecting them now through the beginning of summer.
Questions, please contact Natalie at dre@uui.org. Thank you!

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