April 12

Everyone is invited to stay after the service for food, fun and fellowship!

Before and After the Service


  • Join the Environmental Sustainability Committee and make your voice heard! Within the next week we expect Governor Holcomb will have the opportunity to veto Senate Bill 309--the one that will do away with solar net metering in Indiana. We need the governor to veto this bill! Instead of the normal phone calls and emails that we have been using to communicate with our legislators, we would like to exercise the other half of our brains and bring a little creativity to the effort. We will be making homemade veto cards and sending them to the governor. We believe if he gets thousands of cards he will not be able to ignore that the citizens of Indiana want net metering in our state. There will be a table in the Social Hall with all the supplies you need. Please stop by before the service or after lunch and help us with this effort!
  • John Cote will be doing a photo booth! Everyone is invited to bring a favorite hat or something that represents them to include in the photos. We will also be taking a congregational picture!

11:30am - 12:30pm


All food and beverages will be provided. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options available. This month's lunch is our Pledge Celebration Sunday. If you haven’t yet turned a pledge form in, blank forms are available at the Welcome Table in the Social Hall. We will announce the total before we adjourn for Second Sunday activities. All Are Welcome!

Post-Lunch Activities

12:30pm - 1:10pm

Seed Starting and Food Access in Indianapolis Workshop: Join Stacy Robinson to make lettuce seed bombs and Ryan Robinson for a discussion on food access and an upcoming opportunity to serve at a soup kitchen. All ages are welcome!

1:10pm - 1:50pm

Current Events in Unitarian Universalism: The last week has seen the resignation of the President and some of the senior staff of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Join our Worship Leader, Jamie Hinson-Rieger, for a discussion of these events.