In 2013, UUI installed solar panels on our Cottage building. We were one of 6 congregations in Indiana and one of two in Indianapolis participating in a solar grant funded by the Indiana Office of Energy Development. 

Solar Panel Updates

January 2016

In January our soar panels generated 350 kwh of electricity.  This compares to 405 kwh in 2015 and 282 kwh in 2014.

December 2015

December is a bad solar month in Indianapolis.  In 2015 we generated 296 kwhand in December 2014 we generated 314 kwh.  Over all for the year we generated 10,574 kwh in 2015, and we generated 10844kwh in 2014.  We should see the generation begin to pick up in January as long as the panels are not covered with snow too many days.

August 2015

In August our solar panels generated 1272 kwh of electricity.  In July we generated 1246 kwh.  Since the panels were installed we have generated 28,000 kwh.  That is worth about $3360 worth of electricity.  It adds up.

June 2015

Our 10 kilowatt solar panel array produced 1204 kilowatt hours of electricity during June. That is worth about $144. This is less than the 1346 kwh we produced last June, but you might have noticed that this June was very cloudy with lots of rain.