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Poets & Musicians

Allison Victoria - 

Yadin KolYadin Kol is a captivating guitarist, singer, and songwriter from Atlanta, GA who began his music career in February of 2016. Over the course of the past year he has performed well over one-hundred times on the Indianapolis circuit, as well as in D.C., Louisville, and Chicago showing his commitment to mastering his craft. His sound has a rhythmic undercurrent that bears testament to his retro-leaning, neo-soul style. His influences include blues, soul, jazz, R&B, and gospel. While Yadin cannot predict the outcome of his efforts to establish a global presence in the music industry, he affirms with great conviction that music will remain an indispensable key to his existence. As a self-taught guitarist, singer, and songwriter Yadin’s dream is that his music will unite, heal, and uplift people in light, love, and happiness

Mariah Ivey - Mariah Ivey is a multi-faceted artist, activist, and educator most commonly known for her works as a Poet, M.C., and Soulful Creative. Combining her love for commUNITY, womanhood, and the fight for black liberation, Mariah has used her music and poetry as a mechanism to advocate for and explore the ideas of black culture, womanism, communal healing, inner peace, self-identity, and spirituality. Mariah has performed and had her work featured across various local and national platforms such as The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis Recorder, NUVO, Indianapolis Monthly, the “Art is Life” East Coast Tour, among other events and publications.

Most recently, she was given the distinct honor of opening for Ms. Beverly Bond, Founder/Creator of “Black Girls Rock”. Through teaching, performing, and exchanging meaningful experiences, Mariah hopes to leave each audience in PEACE, in LIGHT, and in LOVE.

Theon Lee


Manon Voice - Manon Voice, is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana and is a poet, spoken word artist, freelance writer, hip-hop emcee and social justice activist. She has performed on many diverse stages in the power of word and song and has taught and facilitated poetry and spoken word workshops through organizations such as Regeneration Indy and Women Writing for a Change. She is actively the Coordinator of Homelessness Prevention at the Indianapolis based organization, Trusted Mentors, which seeks to reverse homelessness and incarceration through the power of relationships. She has also volunteered for organizations such as Life Bridges and Global Gifts, and is a facilitator and hip-hop music instructor for Kuumba Academy, an organization that seeks to promote positive behaviors through the teaching of music and examination of musical influences. In 2017, Manon Voice was awarded the Power of Peace Award from the Peace Learning Center of Central Indiana for her work in the community. Manon Voice seeks to use her art and activism to create a community of dialogue, discovery and inspiration.


Sylvia Ess McKee -

Macey Dickerson -

Claudia Brooks - Claudia Brooks earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from Indiana University in Bloomington and is the incoming Agitation Committee Officer for Students Against State Violence.