Published on Jul 17th, 2013

Recognizing the many gifts we receive from our church community—fellowship and friendship, spiritual and intellectual enrichment, opportunities to work together for a just world—we embrace the opportunity to support the mission and work of this church.

Membership  proclaims our commitment to Unitarian Universalist principles as well as the congregation’s expression of those values. Membership also brings the opportunity to participate in the democratic governance of the congregation.

Pledging  is an opportunity to personally invest in the life of this congregation, as well as its critical role as a liberal religious voice in Central Indiana.

The Endowment Fund provides the opportunity to make a long-term impact on the church’s contributions in the community through gifts of cash, life insurance, and other charitable gift instruments.

Support UUI while shopping. You can also raise money for UUI by purchasing gift cards through our SCRIP Program in the Social Hall on Sunday mornings and by clicking on the amazon logo below whenever you shop online at


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