One of our goals is to provide the opportunity for meaningful participation in our church services and activities to those who wish to participate.  To this end, we strive to remove barriers that may interfere with participation.

The following are some efforts we have made in this regard.  If you require other specific assistance or accommodation, or if you see where we might improve the accessibility of our church, please contact our office at 317-283-4760 to let us know.


Ramp to the CottageOur parking lot has a number of designated handicapped accessible parking spaces. The main lot is accessed from 43rd St. at the north side of the property. Park in the main lot if you are going to the Cottage or the Meeting House (the Sanctuary/Social Hall). A secondary lot is accessible from Byram Ave (the alley on the east side of the property). This lot provides easier access to the Commons and Religious Education (RE) building.


Much of our beautiful outdoor campus is accessible via concrete sidewalk. The outdoor, seven-circuit labyrinth (located next to the Cottage) is wheelchair accessible.


All campus facilities, with the exception of the Religious Education Building, are fully wheelchair accessible and the doors on the north side of the main building are automatic.  If you need assistance accessing the Religious Education Building, please contact our office.


Assistive Listening Devices and large print hymnals are available for Sunday services (ask an usher for assistance).

Since the seating in our sanctuary consists of individual, movable chairs that can be arranged in any configuration, space can be made for wheelchair access or placement or for others who might need more space when moving or sitting.


There are multiple-person men’s and women’s restrooms on the north end of the Fellowship Hall (off of the Sanctuary). These restrooms have wheelchair accessible stalls.

In the Cottage are gender neutral restrooms with doors that can be locked for privacy. These restrooms are also wheelchair accessible.

In the Commons are single-person men’s and women’s restrooms with doors that can be locked for privacy. These restrooms are also wheelchair accessible.

Podcasts and Videos

For those who cannot attend our services in person, we make podcast recordings and videos of our sermons available.