Sunday Worship–What to Expect

Before the Service

Our Sunday service begins at 10:30 and people start arriving as early as 10:00.

As you enter our main building, we encourage you to stop at the Welcome Table for information about our church, for name tags, and for answers to any questions you may have.

Parents may speak to a Religious Education Associate at the Welcome Table before the service to learn more about Sunday morning classes for children, nursery-grade 12.

As you enter the Sanctuary an usher will greet you and hand out the Order of Service. You will find hymn books in the seats. You  are welcome to light a candle of joy or sorrow at any time before, during, or after the service. The service starts at 10:30 with the ringing of a bell. Children begin the service with the adults until they are “sung out” by the congregation to go to their religious education classes.

During the Service

We gather in service on Sunday morning to affirm our shared search for truth and meaning, to inspire action consistent with our values, and to celebrate our life in community with each other. Service elements include:

  • chalice lighting
  • reciting of our covenant
  • a children’s story
  • offertory
  • special readings
  • joys and sorrows
  • congregational singing
  • instrumental music
  • a sermon

For most hymns the service leader will ask the congregation to “stand in body or spirit,” meaning you are welcome to stay seated if you wish. Directions during the service are clear so that you don’t have to worry about knowing when to stand or sit. We don’t genuflect or kneel to pray.

More information about our services.

After the Service

Immediately after the service, around 11:30, we gather for coffee and refreshments in the Social Hall. We hope you will join us–we look forward to meeting you! There is information about our congregation and Unitarian Universalism available in the Social Hall as well. You are also welcome to tour our campus or walk our labyrinth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I wear?

A: People dress as they are comfortable–some casual, some more formal. During the summer services we set the thermostat at 78 degrees as part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. Please dress with that in mind.  Children are encouraged to dress in clothing comfortable to play in.

Q: Can my child stay with me during the service?

A: Of course! We recognize that for a variety of reasons, you might wish to have your children remain with you during the service and we honor that choice.

Q: Will I be pressured to join or be saved?

A: Absolutely not. We respect each individual’s spiritual path. Acceptance of one another and the right of conscience are in our Seven Principles. If you do desire to join our congregation at some point in the future, Path to Membership packets are available at the Welcome Table in the Social Hall.

As for being saved, we are a theologically diverse congregation and there is no one viewpoint about salvation that we all share. In fact, most of our members would probably reject the concept entirely.

Q: Will I be pressured to donate? What if I don’t want to contribute when the collection plates comes to me?

A: We pass a collection plate during the service each week. Contributing is voluntary–some people give and some people don’t and you will not be pressured. If you do contribute, you might be interested in our Share the Plate Program.


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