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Audio of our November 20 Sermon, "Now What?" by Jamie Hinson-Rieger. 

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The 2016 election violated long-standing norms of American democracy, both in the language used and the policies proposed. With the crashing and burning of both the Republican and the Democratic establishment, it seems there has been a sea change in what is possible in American politics. We now face an unknown future. In this service we will discuss how our UU principles call us to respond.

Reverse Offering

On Sunday, November 13 we did a reverse offering, where we passed the offering baskets and instead of accepting donations from the congregation, we encouraged everyone to take chalk from the baskets and go out into the community and write positive messages.

After the service, our junior and senior high youth traveled to the corner of 38th Street and Meridian and left messages of love and support on the sidewalks there. 

We are Unitarian Universalists. Click the video below to learn more.

In the Aftermath of the Election

Wednesday, November 9

To anyone who is waking up today feeling sad, angry, lost, or afraid, you are not alone. I am struggling to wrap my head around what happened in our country yesterday. But this morning, I am thankful more than ever for my religion. It doesn't tell me everything is going to be okay. Who could say that right now? It tells me when the world turns upside down, our job is to keep people safe and keep people free. And I know that this community we have created together is going to do just that, with every ounce of our energy, our intelligence, our courage, and with every ounce of our love. I love you all. I am grateful we are here together. And I know we are going to fight like hell to keep people safe and keep people free.

In the meantime, please be good to each other, remember to breathe, and let's not be afraid to tell one another what we need. We're here for each other, and that's something beautiful to hold onto.

Jamie Hinson-Rieger, UUI Worship Leader

ASL Interpreters Available

UUI is pleased to announce ASL interpreters are now available for Sunday services. 

To request an interpreter, please contact the church office at and provide your name and the date of the service you will be attending. Requests will need to be received by the Monday prior to the service you would like to attend to give us time to schedule the interpreter.